The Squad Designated Marksman(AKA SDM) is a damage-based class that utilizes a long range marksman rifle to quickly neutralize hostiles from an extended range. The SDM has the highest base damage and range out of all the MOS's, but has a low rate of fire; in which can be compensated for with the skills the SDM may learn. The SDM should take advantage of high ground somewhat distant from the squadron, and is best paired with a reconnaissance class (Cavalry Scout, Ghost etc.) to improve his vision, allowing him to provide covering fire and eliminate large hostiles for the team without endangering himself.


-Soldier SkillsEdit

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-Designated Marksman SkillsEdit

passively increases attack range by 4 and attack speed by ?%. Each level improves binocular range, radius, and energy cost.

Level 1: Unlock binoculars (Q)

Level 2: Unlocks field camera (W)

Level 3: Unlocks opportuned shot (periodically deal two shots in rapid succession)

-Rapid FireEdit

Toggle on to increase attack speed but reduce range and movement speed. Costs energy to activate and drains energy while toggled on. Each level increases attack speed boost and improves energy cost.

Level 1: 2x attack speed

Level 2: 2.5x attack speed

Level 3: 3x attack speed

Level 4: 3.5x attack speed

-Monomolecular WireEdit

Instantly hit enemies in a line. Each level increases range and improves energy cost. Can hit air units (unlike flame discharge or grenades).

Level 1: deals 800 damage and stuns for 2 seconds (95 energy)

Level 2: Increased damage (90 energy)

Level 3: Increased damage, stun duration 3 seconds. (85 energy)

Level 4: Increased damage (80 energy)

Recommended Skill IdentifiersEdit

Choose two: Quick Thinking / Veteran / Energetic / Hawkeye

Recommended EquipmentEdit

  • Aim Assist
  • DU Rounds
  • IDMR-2
  • M-92 Torrent
  • Kevlar Body Armor

Recommended BuildsEdit

Conventional DPS with Veteran

Designated Marksman Skills 1 > Marksmanship 1 > Designated Marksman Skills 2 > Soldier Skills 1 > Designated Marksman Skills 3 > Rapid Fire 1 > Marksmanship 4 > Rapid Fire 4

Conventional DPS without Veteran

Marksmanship 1 > Designated Marksman Skills 2 > Rapid Fire 1 > Designated Marksman Skills 3 > Soldier Skills 1 > Marksmanship 4 > Rapid Fire 4

Mono SDM

Marksmanship 1 > Monomolecular Wire 1 > Designated Marksman Skills 3 > Soldier Skills 1 > Monomolecular Wire 3 > Rapid Fire 1 > Marksmanship 4