Zombiess are the undead adversaries of Undead Assault 3, and form the bulk of the enemy that the players will be facing. Zombies are separated into three Tiers, which distinguish the ways in which they spawn and in what ways they put pressure on the players over the course of the game.

The following is a detailed datasheet overview of the Zombie units in Undead Assault 3. Use the following [Expand] link at the right to view the Embedded Spreadsheet, or click the following link to access the External Spreadsheet.

Tier 3 and Tier 2 ZombiesEdit

Tier 3 and Tier 2 Zombies have low to moderate health and.spawn persistently throughout the game.  They may have active abilities, passive abilities, or no abilities at all relative to their frequency of appearance.  In Outbreak mode, the majority of enemies that spawn will be from the lower-level Zombies in this tier.

Stat Multipliers
Mode Damage Life Armor Move Speed



+0% +0
Normal +37.9% +67.3% +0.8
Hard +47.9% +97.3% +1.2
Insane +57.9% +127.3% +1.6

Tier 1 ZombiesEdit

Tier 1 Zombies tend to spawn one at a time in response to mission events.  The few that spawn persistently can spawn in waves of up to 3 at a time.  Most Tier 1 Zombies have passive or active abilities and have high to very high health. Higher-level Tier 1 Zombies spawn only as bosses in response to specific mission events. All of these Zombies are highly dangerous and combine their very high survivability with their powerful abilities to overpower the players in a variety of ways. Tier 1 Zombies are recognizable in that they are pinged by the Heartbeat Sensor ability of the Cavalry Scout.

Stat Multipliers
Mode Damage Life Armor Move Speed
Recruit +0% +0
Normal +24.3% +0
Hard +32.8% +0
Insane +41.3% +0
Nightmare +0

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